New Single Out Now!

The Jerrys will release a covers album in 2024 and have dropped a second single, "I Saw Her Standing There," ahead of the album. The song follows "Gloria," released in 2023. The album will include songs by The Kinks, The Ventures, and others. Listen to “I Saw Her Standing There.”

What Others Are Saying

"Beatles-inspired indiepop songs...and silly, pop culture-themed lyrics with titles like 'Ann Taylor Girl' and 'I Even Love You More Than Elizabeth Hurley'"..."[Schwartz] does have an appeal. The songs are Merseybeat-oriented pop, and are pretty catchy"..."Clearly, Schwartz has solid pop talent and vision." Read what others are saying about The Jerrys.

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About The Jerrys

The Jerrys play British-influenced guitar pop written by Jerry Schwartz, who also plays, sings, and produces their music. In addition to playing multiple instruments, Schwartz gets by with a little help from his musical friends when recording and performing live, with Robert Porché and Jim Losby contributing most to the band's sound. Since releasing their debut album in 2001, The Jerrys have released fresh music on a regular basis. 

From lighthearted CD/song titles (Jerryrigged, "I Even Love You More Than Elizabeth Hurley," The Wind Cries Jerrys) to trebly instrumentals ("Telepop," "Just Looking," "Love Thang") to songs with pop culture references in the lyrics (Ulysses, Gene Krupa, Ann Taylor), The Jerrys keep things interesting. Listeners have compared The Jerrys to Boyce and Hart, The Who, Matthew Sweet, and The Shoes. 

Since releasing the full-length Ready or Not in 2022, The Jerrys dropped "Think for Myself" as well as two singles ("Gloria" and "I Saw Her Standing There") from their upcoming covers album. The as-yet-untitled album will also include songs by The Kinks and The Ventures, among others. There's more original music on the way, too, so stay tuned for more from The Jerrys!