From the recording Everything Goes


Nothing ever the same
That's how things go
You're not even who you
Were a picosecond ago
You can't step in the same
River twice and all that
No past, no future
Now is where it's at

Everything goes
Everything goes

In the blink of an eye
The morning is noon
One minute it's March
And next thing
It's already June
Time and tide wait for no man
And all that biz
No then, no later
Now is all there is and

Everything goes
Everything goes

At the end of the day
Time doesn't know
Who's still hanging around
It stays and the people go
Time flies and life's too short
And all that stuff
Don't waste your time because
Life is short enough

Everything goes
Everything goes

And everyone knows
Everything goes

Words and music ©2018 by Jerry Schwartz