1. Now and You

From the recordings Best of The Jerrys and Pop Go The Jerrys

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Now and You

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Now and You

Well in this world, girl,
There's only one girl
That I want to be forever mine.

And to my eyes, girl,
It's no surprise girl
You're getting prettier all the time.

Words like love go round and round
In my head when I see you.
I can think of nothing else all day.
It's all those things you do
And all those ones I want you to.
Everything we've done just fades away.

Now and you, my lovely.

Cloudbursts break and mountains shake
Inside me when I see you.
Every day is like a holiday.
It's only just that you
Are the only one that'll ever do.
All we've got is now, girl, anyway.

Words and music ©1995 by Jerry Schwartz