From the recordings Back in the Day and Jerryrigged

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Walking the Talk

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Walking the Talk

I'm walking the talk.
I'm singing 'bout things
That used to get me down.
I try not to balk
Or carp about the crap
That keeps coming round.
It used to bring me down.
I mean really down.

I'm walking the talk.
I'm banging down the walls
I used to walk around.
I curse by default,
But now I'm cutting strings
That used to tie me down.
They used to bind me down.
I mean really down.

Though I try and I try to be better man,
Seems all I can do is just the best that I can.

I'm walking the talk.
Trying to train the mind
To do the things I say.
I'm knocking the talk,
Trying to make the most
Of another day.
Got my feet on the ground.
Just walking around.

Words and music ©2002 by Jerry Schwartz