From the recordings Back in the Day and Pop Go The Jerrys

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Me and You Not on the Radio

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Me and You Not on the Radio

Oh Julie,
You're truly for me.
It's you that I'm thinking of
Before and during and after whatever.
It's not just another tune
It's just another way to tell you I love you forever.

I'm singing all of my love to you Julie
And I don't give a shit if it sells or it don't.
I'm tired of asking why nobody wants to buy. It's just
Me and you not on the radio.

Oh Julie,
Speak truly to me.
Will it kill you if your Romeo
Never sings your name on the airwaves? Not ever?
And do you think it matters if
We never get our names in the papers together?

I always wanted to be like John Lennon
Singing songs about my girl on the radio,
But now I'm getting older and it's maybe gonna have to be
Me and you not on the radio.

Words and music ©1997 by Jerry Schwartz