1. Be Yourself

From the recording Be Yourself

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Be Yourself

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Be Yourself

She's got purple Kool-Aid hair
and it glows.
She doesn't read but likes Voltaire
and it shows.
And she likes Gene Krupa whoever that is
And she's got a dumb boss that gives her the biz
And as she's sipping on a strawberry fizz
She says be yourself.

She lives life without a care
and she knows
Sometimes things aren't very fair
and it blows.
And she doesn't care about national debt
She sings sixteen tons and what do you get
And as she's thinking 'bout being brunette
She says be yourself.

She hangs round the coffee shop
and at shows.
She's got tats and wears a ring
in her nose.
And she's always shaking on a green tambourine
And she's never worried 'bout making the scene
And as she looks up from an old magazine
She says be yourself
She says be yourself
She says be yourself

Words and music ©2015 by Jerry Schwartz